You can see, I wasn't really familar with diff and patch yet.
From: Cornelius Schumacher <>
Date: Sat, 22 May 1999 01:25:25 +0200
Subject: qdatelist bug

* List:

Just found a bug in QDateList. After fixing it, I finally see a window
with my calendar and korganizer crashes not immediately but after some
mouse-clicks :-)

Thatīs the fix: Change in class QDateList (qdatelist.h)

  QDate* newItem(QDate *d) { return deep ? new QDate(*(QDate *) d) : d;


  Item newItem(Item d) { return deep ? new QDate(*(QDate *) d) : (QDate
*) d; };

Could somebody please tell  me, what I have to do to get write access to
the CVS repository containing the source code?